Sample Collection with AGPAHI

The Ariel Glaser Pediatric AIDS Healthcare Initiative (AGPAHI) is a Tanzanian NGO that aims to eradicate childhood HIV and AIDS. Through AGPAHI, over 800,000 people have been tested for HIV, working with 300 health facilities across the country.

Education leads to empowerment and as patients learn of their medical status, they gain the necessary information to take action in support of their health.

The rugged island terrain around Lake Victoria means sample collection and delivery of results must be done by ferry and motorbike. This process is slow and unstable and means blood samples are exposed to a rough transit and intense heat over a number of hours. Both of these factors can compromise samples.

This is where drones can help. Faster and smoother than road travel and offering greater thermal control, drones would ensure samples arrive intact and the impact of rapid and accurate results would be significant to the lives and families of the Lake Victoria region.