The African Drone Forum has an ambitious goal

The 2020 African Drone Forum comprised a Symposium and Expo, the Lake Kivu Challenge Flying Competitions, the African Drone Business Challenge, a Regulators Summit, a Sandbox Unmanned Traffic Management Showcase, and several youth training and scholarships activities. The event took place in Kigali on February 5-7, 2020. Competitive flights occurred from February 9 to February 14, 2020.

Emerging technologies can play a vital role in improving the lives of people in hard-to-reach rural communities across the continent, increasing resilience, and leapfrogging existing infrastructure to deliver significant socio-economic benefits. The African Drone Forum is a timely multi-stakeholder engagement programme that took place in 2020 in Rwanda, a country already using drone technology to improve the lives of its citizens. This Forum showcased the latest drone technology, convened experts and regulators together in a Symposium, and challenged drone companies to take part in flying competitions with real-world elements.

Accelerating new, clean and safe infrastructure models

According to World Bank estimates, Africa needs to spend $38 billion more each year on transport infrastructure, plus a further $37 billion on operations and maintenance – just to sustain its current level of development. The continent’s infrastructure deficit is more than a mobility issue. Today, road accidents are Africa’s third-biggest killer.

Drones offer a starting point for a radically new model of low-cost, fast and futuristic transportation. Transforming mobility infrastructure can provide rural towns and villages with access to modern services such as emergency aid, commercial goods and medical supplies. This will benefit industries like agriculture, mining, construction, and livestock.


Knowledge & Learning

To promote the best drone ideas, technologies and practices for the continent.



Supply Chain Modernization

Aerial delivery services that will transform distribution services in Africa



Innovation & Investment

Local and global entrepreneurs, regional decision makers and strategic investors


Where The African Drone Community Comes Together

The 2020 African Drone Forum Symposium & Expo offers a platform for the drone industry, including global logistics experts, startups, drone pilots, engineers and media, to showcase their innovations and state-of-the-art technology for cargo drone deliveries, and to outline strategies for the future.

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